What to do?

At CASA ESTARQUE we have the privilege of being close to a wide range of leisure, sports and cultural activities. A varied offer, for all tastes and very close to us. Here you are some suggestions, from the many alternatives we have on our side!

With an unbeatable location, we are in the heart of the Val do Miñor, far from the hustle and bustle but at the same time, close to everything! 7 km from Baiona (boat to the Cíes Islands ), 5 km from Playa América ; 25 minutes from Vigo (20 minutes from Vigo Airport), 15 minutes from Tui (village on the Portuguese route of the Way os Saint James) and Valença do Minho (Portugal), 25 minutes from Vilanova de Cerveira (Portugal), 1 hour and 15 minutes from Santiago de Compostela (same time to Compostela Airport) or an hour and a half from Porto (Portugal) (the same to Porto Airport).

The best facilities in a privileged environment! We hope you like it.

galiñeiro mountain range

Numerous hiking trails signposted on foot, horse or bicycle through the area. HIKING ROUTES

CIES islands

We are a 15 minute drive from the boarding pier from Baiona to the Cíes Islands. NATURAL PARK OF THE ATLANTIC ISLANDSCAS


A 6 minute walk we reach the town of Gondomar, with playgrounds along the river Miñor among other leisure spaces and a wide range of local shops like: restaurants, cafes, bookstores, craft shops, supermarkets, etc. GONDOMAR CITY COUNCIL

america BEACH

It is one of the most importats and beautiful sandbank of the shire. With an extension of 2km of fine golden sand, crystal clear and calm waters, ideal for little ones. AMERICA BEACH


The town of Baiona is one of the tourist landmarks of the Rías Baixas, known for its wide range of water sports and nightlife. TOURISM OF BAIONA

way of saINT JAMES

Gondomar is 110 kms away of Santiago de Compostela and a few kilometers (3 -5kms) of the two most popular routes: the PORTUGUESE WAY and PORTUGUESE WAY OF THE COAST

Saint TEGRA castro

We are almost 35km from this spectacular Celtic village, located at 341 meters above sea level, which came to have a population of approximately 5000 inhabitants in its heyday in the first century BC. C. From here you can enjoy the best view of the mouth of the River Miño and the infinity of the Atlantic Ocean itself, with our neighbor Portgal as a witness. SAINT TECLA CASTRO

petroglyphs AUGA DA LAXE

In the Galiñeiro mountain range we find the largest petroglyph of weapons in Europe. PETROGLYPHS AUGA DA LAXE

rio miñor ESTUARY

The mouth of the rivers Miñor, Groba and Belesar gives rise to the RIO MIÑOR  ESTUARY, a natural space included since 1999 in the Red Natura 2000 for its environmental and landscape interest, as well as being a refuge for a wide variety of waterfowl and migrants. Highly recommended for bird watching, kayaking or canoeing or walking by the sea along the promenade from Baiona to Panxón, and along Ladeira Beach and Monte Lourido, among others.

wine-growing area

We are in one of the five areas with Denomination of Origin of Galicia, the DO RÍAS BAIXAS , in particular, 30 minutes from the wine-growing area of O Rosal, where we will find wineries that make excellent wines with international recognition.

aloia mountain NATURAL PARK

Declared a Natural Park in 1978, it was the first in Galicia,  ALOIA MOUNTAIN is a real watchtower at 700 meters high with several viewpoints and exceptional views over the River Miño, the Val da Louriña and even our Val Miñor. 


Among the alternative destinations to the beach we have nearby ponds: natural accumulations of fresh water conditioned and suitable for bathing. Highly recommended destination to spend the day, with picnic areas and rest areas, as well as swimming, immersed in nature. One of our favorites is the POZAS DE LOUREZÁ between the towns of Baiona and Oia.



viewpoint of the cortelliño

We recommend the ascent to the SERRA DA GROBA, stopping at the MIRADOIRO DO CORTELLIÑO . The views over the Val Miñor and the entrance to the Ría de Vigo will not leave you indifferent.