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CASA ESTARQUE is a traditional Galician house built in the 19th century on a date that we do not know exactly, but of which we have the first documentation referenced in 1803 (with the seal of Carlos IV for which 272 maravedís were paid).

Later, with date 1912 it appears for the first time in writing and that we have certainty, with the denomination CASA DE ESTARQUE in the document in which is detailed the distribution of the inheritance of Mr. Manuel Estarque and Mrs. Rosa Misa to their children, Mr. Domingo and Mr. Antonio ESTARQUE.

The House was the family home of Mr. Domingo ESTARQUE, passing to his death his heiress, Mrs. Carmen ESTARQUE who lived here with her husband, Mr. José Otero, until they migrated to Brazil in the 1940s, when the house remained uninhabited.

Upon their return from emigration, they build a new home, so the House remains closed.

It is not until 1994 that the heir of Mrs. Carmen ESTARQUE, Mr. José Otero ESTARQUE and his wife, Mrs. Gloria Castuera, yield CASA ESTARQUE to one of their children, Mr. Celso Otero to rehabilitate and condition it as a Rural Tourism house, making CASA ESTARQUE the first Rural Tourism house in the province of Pontevedra and a reference in the area.

After more than 20 years in operation, the business closes until 2021, when it is reconditioned and adapted to the new demands of the 21st century in order to recover this unique traditional infrastructure and make it available to you!


CASA ESTARQUE consists of 6 rooms in total distributed as follows: 4 spacious rooms with private bathroom and a separate penthouse with 2 double bedrooms, living room with study area and private bathroom.

Among the common areas, we have a large living room with two atmospheres, a cozy library with fireplace , fully equipped kitchen , sunny terrace with panoramic views, private parking and a orchard, grove and garden for the leisure of our guests.

With an unbeatable location, we are in the heart of the Val do Miñor, far from the hustle and bustle but at the same time, close to everything! 7 km from Baiona (boat to the Cíes Islands ), 5 km from Playa América ; 25 minutes from Vigo (20 minutes from Vigo Airport), 15 minutes from Tui (village on the Portuguese route of the Way os Saint James) and Valença do Minho (Portugal), 25 minutes from Vilanova de Cerveira (Portugal), 1 hour and 15 minutes from Santiago de Compostela (same time to Compostela Airport) or an hour and a half from Porto (Portugal) (the same to Porto Airport).

The best facilities in a privileged environment! We hope you like it.



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